garage gym equipment reviews

Finding right equipment for your Garage Gym

Here is my sincere attempt to help you all fitness enthusiast set up a gym in there garage or home. I will help you familiarize with the fitness equipment, how to use them and the best ones to use. I myself is a fitness enthusiast and has been into fitness since last many years. I have tried and tested many equipment myself and based on my experience and observation I will give my honest opinion and reviews about various products available in the market.

Are you in a state of confusion

  • Should I go to a regular gym, or should I make one of my own?
  • Where should I start building my garage gym from?
  • Which equipment should I buy first, before going for a full fledged garage gym
  • What are the best brand of products?

In various review articles I try to cover machines that help you do cardiovascular exercises. Some of the popular cardio machines are elliptical trainers, treadmills, indoor exercise bikes, air bikes and stair steppers.

There are equipments which are made to make your crossfit workouts more effective. Some of them are kettlebells, plyo box and battle ropes.

There is a long list of weight training tools and accessories that I am trying to cover on Garage Gym Tools website. The most popular equipment are dumbbells, weight bench, barbells, various type of machines like lat pull down, fly machine, smith machine and more.


An effective workout is the one that is followed by a great recovery. Your muscles go through the grind and definitely need some recovery after workout as well as while doing the workout. Some of the recovery tools are massage rollers, cooling towels and compression clothing range including shorts and shirts.


Your body is 30% of what you do in the gym and 70% of what you eat in rest of your day. I will try to bring to you some insights into the diet, nutrition and supplements to get the desired results out of your workout The nutrition depends on your fitness goals, so feel free to share your goals and ask me the relevant questions about your diet.

The main motive of this website is to focus on home gyms. I am sharing complete home gym guides, as well as reviews on some prominent home gym brands. Read my articles to know various type of home gym options that suits the space and budget you have.

Why I recommend you to build your own home gym instead of joining a public gym?

The very first logical reason is you will keep spending your money as membership fees in a regular gym for rest of your life, or build your own gym by spending very less money compared to that. Plus, you will have complete ownership of the gym equipment. You can invest in the equipment of your choice.

Membership gyms are pure business, the fees keeps on increasing year on year, and they don’t give a shit if you don’t turn up to the gym even once after you have paid them quarterly, half yearly or annual membership fees.

Also, as per my observation personal training is largely a myth. They will guide you for a first few weeks and will leave you on your own once a new member joins in.

In the age of internet you can have a personal trainer right inside your mobile in the form of an app or YouTube Videos.

By having your own personal garage gym you can ditch the long queues at treadmill and other equipment stations.

At your home gym you can be more safe in terms of health and hygiene. You will have access to gym round the clock and workout according to your own convenient time, even at midnight.

Most of the gyms are closed on a holiday, and sometime you feel like working out even harder when you have no office and any other engagements. A home gym is a savior in such situations.

You will also get to save the travel time from home/office to gym and back.

And most importantly, you will never have to listen to music of anyone else’s choice. How cool is that!

How to setup your Home Gym?

Before setting up your own garage gym you definitely need to know what your goals are and what kind of workout you want to do. This will help you identify the right kind of equipment mix for your gym, and can utilize your budget well.

I usually recommend to look at 4 aspects of the workout which are:

  • Cardiovascular Activity
  • Compound Exercise Machines
  • Free Weights
  • Restoration Tools

If you are not sure where to start from we recommend you read our Complete Home Gym guide here.This will give you a better idea where do you want to start from based on your workout and fitness goals.