17 Health Benefits of Olives and Olive Oils

17 Health Benefits of Olives and Olive Oils

The best Olives are grown in Mediterranean region, as they flourish well on slopes under coastal climate. Though many consider it to be zesty vegetable but it is a fruit. Olives contain healthy monounsaturated fatty acids containing numerous health benefits. It is not only consumed as a whole fruit but its extracted oil is very beneficial for health and beauty purposes.

Welcoming 2019 with enthusiasm, let us pledge ourselves abetter health by including this miracle fruit and its extracted oil in our daily routine.

Let’s foray into 17 health benefits olives or its oil can provide us.

Antibacterial Properties:  There is commonly a bacterium that lives in the stomach which causes ulcers and certain illnesses. It is known as Helicobacter pylori.

Olive oil contains certain nutrients that can kill the harmful bacteria. A recent study revealed that olive oil can eliminate the pylori infection in as little as ten days in about 30% of people.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:  A person affected with arthritis feels intolerable pain in joints. Regular intake of olive oil can reduce oxidative stress in joints. It is more beneficial when combined with fish oil.

Type-2 Diabetes: Olive oil is highly protective against diabetes. Health professionals have confirmed the positive healing properties of Olive to control blood sugar and insulin sensitivity.

Various clinical trials and observational studies proves that olive oil when combined with a healthy diet can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Anti-Cancer Properties: A recent research has show that olive oil contains certain antioxidants that can curtail oxidative damage due to free radicals. Compounds in olive oil can fight cancer cells. Though the evidences are preliminary that olive oil may treat cancer, but its intake definitely reduces the risk it.

Alzheimer’s Disease: It is the most widely spread neuro-degenerative disease in the world. Certain studies and researches have proven that olive oilcan help remove the harmful plaques from the brain cells. Also, olive oil has positive effects on brain function. Though more researches are going on to prove it but certain studies have revealed that olive is beneficial in fight against Alzheimer’s disease.

Anti-Inflammatory: Olive oil is considered a good remedy for inflammation.The main fatty acid present in olive that is the oleic acid can reduce levels of inflammation in humans. Olive oil hinders certain proteins which trigger inflammation.

Stroke: People who consume olive oil regularly without fail are at a much lower risk of developing stroke. In the developed countries, stroke is the second vital killer. Many researchers have been sedulous finding out its medicinal properties against stroke and were successful too. They found that olive oil was the only source of monounsaturated fat which reduced the risk of stroke.

Prevent against Heart Disease: Most common cause of death in the world as we know is heart disease. An extensive research was made on the Mediterranean diet which includes olive oil as the basic component, and was found that heart diseases is much lesser than other regions.

Olive oil improves the functions of the blood vessels linings, protects the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, lowers inflammation and prevents blood clotting. Leading health practitioners recommend the consumption of extra virgin olive oil to heart patients as it holds powerful benefits for the heart.

Prevents Obesity: Consuming large amounts of olive oil promotes weight loss.Olive oil has favorable effects on body weight. Perhaps a diet rich in olive oil increases levels of antioxidants in the blood which further promotes weight loss. Dieticians recommend extra virgin olive oil for consumption at regular basis in order to get rid of unwanted fat from the body.

Balances Hormones: Include healthy fats and essential nutrients in your diet is essential when you want to balance your hormones.

Your pituitary glands, adrenal glands and thyroid can be regulated by the essential fats which are supplied by the olive oil. All of these work together and work to balance and produce hormones.

Also estrogen production is regulated by olive oil as it produces essential vitamin E benefits.

Depression: Anxiety and depression are related to low fat diets. Avery recent study has revealed that monounsaturated fat intake was inversely related to depression risk. Doctors advise excessive intake of olive oil to battle mood disorders and combat depression.

Hypertension: Regular consumption of olive oil, as we have already read, contains monounsaturated fats and these fats keep your moods active and lively and you are at bay from hypertension.

Skin Health: Olive oil is a great source of vitamin E and other antioxidants. It keeps the skin hydrated; it helps fight infections that promote acne, eczema and other harmful skin conditions. It also speeds up wound healing process. In other words it is said to be a home remedy for acne and eczema.

Digestion: When olive oil is added to our daily diet, it aids us in the digestion process. It is probably known as medicinal oil to clean the digestive tract and it further advances our bowel movements making our digestive system to work orderly.

Aging Process: Olive oil moderates the natural ageing process of the body.  

It is widely used in many herbal therapies and many cosmetic products too. As it is already beneficial for the skin which makes us feel young, it also make us rejuvenated from within, keeps us active thus slowing down our ageing process.

Gall Stones: When intended to remove gallstones, large quantities of olive oil mixed with lemon juice and Epsom salts are recommended for gallbladder flushes as they are claimed to expel gallstones. But stubborn andreal gallstones need a surgery too.

Improves Eyesight and Vision: Retina diseases are prevented by inducing diet that is rich in antioxidants and low in Trans and saturated fat. It provides an additional antioxidant boost and is recommended for healthy vision.

We just read out the amazing benefits of olive oil on our body and mind.

Let us all begin this New Year by introducing this natural and marvelous medicine in our daily routine.

Helps in Hair Regrowth: Olive is known for its wonderful characteristic of aiding in hair regrowth. It is widely used in some of the Hair Regrowth Oils that are very popular. It nourishes the hair from edge to root as well as your scalp.