Best Cooling Towel Review

Best Cooling Towels Review – Updated for 2019

Best Cooling Towel Review

The next big revolution in the sports and fitness industry is to make apparels that help you restore your energies. One such apparel which is gaining popularity is Cooling Towel. You will often find this in the kit bags of professional tennis players, especially in hotter game venues. It is utmost important to keep yourseld hydrated and cool, so that you can play, run or workaround for longer durations, while balancing the energy levels.

Top 5 Cooling Towels Comparison

  • High grade & extra thick PVA
  • Stay Cools upto 4 Hrs
  • Size: 32”x12”
  • Mesh towel with super absorbent fiber weave technology
  • Stay Cools upto 3 Hrs
  • Size: Comes in 4 sizes from Small to XL
  • Softcool extreme material
  • Stay Cools upto 4 Hrs
  • Size: 40″x12″
  • Hyper-evaporative organic material
  • Stay Cools upto 4 Hrs
  • Size: 33”x13”

  • Hyper-evaporative breathable mesh material
  • Stay Cools upto 3 Hrs
  • Size: 40″x12″

Good quality Cooling towels are made of microfiber and are easy to carry and use. These towels are made of mesh material which when soaked in water retains the coldness and stays that way for upto 3 to 4 hours.

Besides cooling towel there are things like cooling caps, which can be worn on head while you play, run or workout.

Why only use them for running or workout, you can use it whenever you are outdoors, and the heat is unbearable. Very much recommended to keep it handy when you have kids or seniors with you for instant relief. Normally, a cooling towel brings down the temperature to upto 30 degrees.

Detailed Review of Best Cooling Towels


Chill Pal The Original PVA Cooling TowelThis is my favorite cooling towel of the pack. They have relaunched the product recently in a new pouch packaging. Previously it used to be in a tube packaging. This product is made up of high grade material which has extra thick PVA with evaporative technology which makes it stay cool for longer duration to about 4 hours. This is actually the original cooling towel, the pioneers of evaporative cooling technology.

The quality that makes it the best is the chemical free thicker material which makes it hold water for longer time even under direct sunlight. The towel comes in a comfortable 12”x32” which is good to wrap around the head or the neck. The product is very fairly priced considering its high quality. The Chill Pal towel makes you cooler upto 20 degrees immediately.

Chill Pal Pros

  • Good size to wrap around head or neck
  • Stays cool longer
  • Fairly priced

Chill Pal Cons

  • Available in limited colors

Alfamo Cooling TowelThis towel comes in various size so I chose it as one of the top 5 cooling towels. From a small towel to extra large it provides an option to choose from the size that fit wells to the user’s purpose. It’s good for using indoors in gym, or while playing tennis outdoors or for females to relieve from hot flashes. It cools down body temperature by up to 30 degrees.

Alfamo cooling towel comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee. It also offers good discounts when purchased in more quantity, so it’s a good value for money towel. This amazing cooling towel is made up of super absorbent fiber weave technology that keeps it cool for longer hours. The edges are stitched nicely for premium feel and comfort, and doesn’t make it look shoddy by avoiding the threads to hang out.

Alfamo Pros

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Comes in various size to choose from
  • Discounts on higher quantity
  • Good value for money

Alfamo Cons

  • Lifetime guarantee

Alfamo Cooling TowelThis is my favorite pick of the lot. Made up of adopt core technology, this cooling towel boasts of its amazing qualities that include quick dry, anti bacterial, protects from Ultra Violet (UV) rays and is free of chemicals. The material is soft and comfortable to the skin and lasts long. It is portable and comes with a waterproof pouch and Carabiner so you can easily keep inside your bag, or just hang it in your belt. It is good for any kind of outdoor or indoor activities.

Syourself Cooling Towel is very easy to maintain, you just have to keep it away from any kind of softeners or bleach while washing and is suggested to dry it in air instead of direct sunlight. Also, it should not be freezed in a refrigerator or freezer.

The size of the towel is enough to cover the head or wrap around the neck completely.

How to use: Soak it in cold water just for few seconds and wring it, and you are good to go for atleast next 3 hours.

Syourself Pros

  • Quick Dry
  • Long Lasting
  • Skin Friendly

Syourself Cons

  • Some customers have complained about it’s odor

Alfamo Cooling TowelFrogg Toggs Towel is made of highly absorbent organic material that uses hyper-evaporative technology, which helps it retain moisture even when it looks dry. It easily stays cool for 3 to 4 hours. The towel is easy to maintain as it can be hand washed as well as machine washed using a regular detergent.

You can also use it by keeping it in refrigerator, but strictly not in a freezer. The towel can also be cut into pieces if needed. It comes in a plastic storage tube.

Frog Toggs Pros

  • Can be cut into pieces and used
  • Made of recyclable organic material
  • Can be kept in a refrigerator
  • Works well in direct sunlight

Frog Toggs Cons

  • Some customers feel that it is heavier than the other cooling towels

Alfamo Cooling TowelThis towel has the largest size of 40” x 12” amongst the top cooling towels available in the market. It’s breathable mesh material makes it one of the top 5 towels. This can be used as cooling towel as well heat towel, depending on what type of water you soak it in.

The Kuen Towel pack comes in a pack of 4 with each towel in different color (gren, blue, pink and grey). Each of the 4 towel comes in a sealable pouch with matching Carabiner clip which makes them easy to carry. You can dip all 4 of them in water wring it and put it back in their respective pouch and can use one after another for full day or can be used simultaneously on different body parts (Head, Neck, Shoulders or Back).

The towels can be also used to block UV Rays making a good choice for sunscreen protection against sunburns and can also be used to avoid heat strokes. It can also help in relief from headaches instantly.

Kuen Pros

  • Pack of 4 – All 4 can be used at once for different body parts
  • Larger size available
  • UV Protection

Kuen Cons

  • Didn’t smell good, need a good wash after every use

What to Look for in a Cooling Towel?

Material: It is the most important factor while choosing a cooling towel. The towel should make you feel comfortable when it comes in contact with your skin. Also, the material should absorb well and should be hyper-evaporative so that it stays cool for longer duration. The material should be of high grade material which is skin friendly. Some towels also possess antibacterial and antifungal qualities.

Cooling Duration: Another important factor to look at is how long does it stay cool once soaked in water. Of course it will largely depend on the material of the towel.

Size: This purely is individual preference and choice. You know better which size of towel will suit you better so you can choose from the available options. Some brands manufacture these towels in single size, while others manufacture in different sizes ranging from small to extra large.

Maintenance: One thing you would like to know before you purchase a cooling towel is how it needs to be maintained. You need to know How to use it, clean or wash it and store it. Based on this you will also be able to judge how many you might need to stock at once.

Benefits of a Cooling Towel:

  • Easy and Instant relief from hot waves and rising body temperatures
  • Restores energy
  • Charges you back to take on the challenge
  • Helps you stay focussed on your workout
  • Some towels comes with UV Protection, so that’s an added advantage

Alternate and Add On Cooling Products:

If you don’t want to use a cooling towel, and still want to keep temperature in control, you can look for a Cooling Hair bend or a Cooling Vest. Also, there are many good Ice Packs available that can be used as an alternative to Cooling Towels.

Frequently Asked Questions

cooling towel workout summer

Q. Can we keep a cooling towel in refrigerator? Yes, a cooling towel can be placed in a refrigerator or ice cooled water. But make sure not to store it in a freezer.

Q. Will it work fine even if I cut it into pieces? Yes, a cooling towel can be used even after it is cut into pieces or torned.

Q. What make a cooling towel different than a regular towel or a cloth that can be soaked in water and used to cool down? The primary difference is the material. A cooling towel is made of evaporative material, that makes it hold moisture for a long time.

Q. How often it should be washed and how it should be washed? It is recommended to wash it after every use. Some cooling towels can be washed in machines, while some of them can only be hand washed. Read the product manual of the product you buy.

Q. How much is life of a cooling towel? A cooling towel if maintained well, can be used upto 12 to 18 months, depending on its usage.


With all the rigorous work you put behind your fitness it is important to restore the energy and put maximum effort into your workout. A cooling towel exactly help you with that. It keeps your body temperature down and prevents unnecessary drainage of energy. Also there are many risks of not maintaining optimum body temperature while working out.

I recommend to go through the product details before buying one so that you know which one is best for you. Our top recommended cooling towel is Chill Pal cooling towel which has high following and have awesome reviews.

Our Recommended Product

Alfamo Cooling Towel

Chill Pal – Original PVA Cooling Towel

  • High grade & extra thick PVA
  • Stay Cools upto 4 Hrs
  • Size: 32”x12”