20 benefits of deadlifts

Top 20 Benefits of Deadlifts

Deadlift is one of the oldest traditional exercises for lower back muscles adopted by professional body builders since a long time. Although it has lost its sheen with modern gym equipment, but it is still considered as one of the most effective workouts, working primarily on lower back, and secondarily on other body parts as well.

Quick look at 20 Benefits of Deadlifts:

  1. Improves posture and body language
  2. Helps build muscle faster
  3. Improves Functional fitness
  4. Builds confidence
  5. Enhance the grip strength
  6. Releases hormones
  7. Hits your hamstring hard
  8. Improves core strength
  9. Stronger glutes
  10. Increases cardiovascular ability
  11. Helps in body transformation
  12. Increases testosterones
  13. Builds a spectacular back
  14. Prevents and heal back pain
  15. Proper deadlifts are safe
  16. Alternative to antidepressants
  17. Lose more fat than running
  18. User friendly
  19. Cheap and easy
  20. King of all exercises

It seems to be a hard exercise to follow, but if you make sure to do it the right way with the right weight, it is as easy as a cake walk and as effective as it could be. Deadlift works on overall body structure and help you improve your posture, among the other benefits which are described in detail in this article.

Along with the excitement of burning calories it is important to perform the workout in a way that it is relaxing as well as comfortable.

As per a recent study about identifying the best techniques to burn calories, people were divided into 3 groups as follows:

  • First group was asked just to follow diet plan, without any form of physical workout.
  • Second group was asked to do aerobics along with following the diet plan.
  • Third group was asked to do weight training (deadlift being a part of it) along with following a scheduled diet plan.

After an observation period of 12 weeks, the results from the 3 groups were compared, and it was found that third group lost 7 pounds more weight than the first group has lost and 6 pounds more than the second group.

Top 20 Benefits of Deadlifts

#1. Improves posture and body language

It is necessary to adopt a better posture to have an injury free backbone structure. Deadlifts help to give a gratifying posture to your body because while doing deadlifts all the muscles that are responsible for a posture are in strengthening mode, the shoulders are pulled back, spine is straight upwards and the chest is proud.

A sleepy – sloppy posture is not considered a part of good body language and signifies of a person’s laziness. In maintaining a good posture people use various tricks and waste their time in doing so. Instead of this, people can apply deadlifts that has a list of benefits along with giving a perfect body posture.

#2. Helps build muscle faster

Deadlift is the only exercise that engages all the joint muscles in movements. The main muscles that are engaged in deadlifts are hamstring, glutes and spinal erectors.

While doing the deadlifts the muscles are engaged, and we don’t feel the change instantly, but after taking the proper nutrition such as amino acids, proteins and other vital nutrients you will see the change in those muscles as time passes and you continue doing the deadlifts in your regular gym sessions.

It is an efficient exercise adopted by bodybuilders to make themselves attractive by working on the important muscles.

#3. Improves Functional fitness

Fitness is the key to good health and is achieved through various forms but deadlifts is the easy way, as in daily life we use to lift various things like bucket filled with water and a bag full of groceries. Practicing deadlifts in gym makes it easy for you to lift the objects of daily routine with greater ease.

No other exercise can provide direct functional fitness, if deadlifts are done correctly applying force on your legs, glutes and back muscles.

It affects the functions of muscles that are part of your daily routine. Deadlifts improve core fitness along with physical fitness.

#4. Builds Confidence

As it requires a lot of effort to move through deadlifts and hence it builds confidence.

Once you accept the challenge of doing deadlift then you can easily handle the stress of your personal and professional life, and makes you optimistic.

#5. Enhance the grip strength

Deadlift is the best option to improve your grip strength, as the hands connect the whole body to the bar that the forearms are completely stretched and the feet are fixed on the floor to maintain a balance to lift the bar. All the weight has to go through the palm and wrist.

Grip strength is important because if the grip strength is not good enough your other weight training exercises will suffer.

#6. Releases Hormones

Deadlift triggers a cascade of beneficial hormones like testosterone and growth hormone.

8 to 10 times repetition of deadlifts with proper weights can increase the amount of growth hormone and testosterone, that eventually increases muscle growth and repairs them which are released through the pituitary gland.

It also helps in healing tissues strengthening bones and promoting fat lose.

Deadlifts releases a hormone called “Cortisol”. When you rest for 5 minutes between the sets of deadlift your legs and back feels better but your endocrine system will increase the cortisol production to make you more energy available.

#7. Hits your hamstring hard

Posterior thighs are the most neglected area of the body, but powerful hamstring can make you run faster and jump higher.

Hamstrings are the important muscles that plays vital role while running, jumping and other athletic activities.

The straight leg deadlift is an hamstring exercise as it trains the muscles through all range of motion.

#8. Improves core strength

We need a strong and stable core. Deadlift trains the central muscles that are found in upper and lower back, hips, buttocks etc.

Strong core helps in maintaining a healthy posture and also preventing backaches.

We should have stability in our core as they help in generating more power.

Deadlifts works all over from spine to lower back.

#9. Stronger glutes

Deadlift is one of the best workouts to strengthen your glutes.

As gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in the body, if it is strong it helps in transferring better endurance, power and also prevents from injury. It is being found that most people have undeveloped glutes which is not good. It is the cause of dormant butt syndrome and deadlifts works as an antioxidant to make glutes developed.

#10. Increases cardiovascular ability

Repetition of deadlifts at least 10 times can increase your cardiovascular ability. But it is needed that you may rest for sometimes after doing such workout. It also works as a booster for the body.

Deadlifts also helps to boost up the body’s ability to transport oxygen during workout that indicates the cardiovascular fitness level. It is also beneficial for cardiorespiratory system. High intensity of deadlifts can workout your whole body.